Guitar Show

Daniel's guitar show is modern, contemporary and humble. Daniel presents his craft in a light hearted and fun manner that engages your audience for a full half hour.

"I have used Daniel to perform in over 100 of my personal shows and to play while my wife walked down the isle- Rune Klan

"I hired Daniel to entertain at my best friends wedding - wonderful- Mick Øgendahl

"Incredibly beautifulKid Creole

Magic Show

Daniels presents miracles inches from you and your guests eyes.

" Wanna keep your customers laughing and happy? Hire this wizard!" - Fairfax and Favour

"Daniel is very fresh. Very, very fresh." - Red Bull

"Highly recommend Daniel. Highly." - Rosinante & co.

The Coffee Shop Tour

An open and friendly show where artists join Daniel in cozy coffee shops thoughout Copenhagen. Daniel performs and introduces his friends whom perform only new and original work.