Artist, entertainer and co inventor of the world’s first click on guitar stand, Standley.

Daniel was born on a farm in South Africa where he taught himself magic, music and juggling.

At 18, Daniel moved to Switzerland to pursue a professional career in sleight of hand card magic.

At 20, Daniel attended Paul McCartney’s Music School in England and upon graduating, began touring Scandinavia with Rune Klan, the Copenhagen Drummers, the DGI Gym Show while juggling a steady corporate event calendar and further studies.

While on tour, Daniel completed a Bachelors degree in Media & Communication s0 his mom would stop panicking.

Daniel’s private client list includes Google, Red Bull, Bentley, H&M, Phase1, Intel, Innovations Fund, Lego, McDonalds, Rosinante & Co, Ministers, Mayors and Royalty.

Daniel has fronted several brand campaigns, live TV performances and held solo concerts in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of Copenhagen, the National Gallery and Skanderborg Festival.